This is a short story about US Marines in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Fallujah, and about the Palo religion.

I’m very happy to get this story off my bones already. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly.

I don’t want to monetize it through any third parties. I’d rather accept peer-to-peer donations, without intermediation. I can only do that through cryptocurrencies, so below I shall leave addresses for my two favorite cryptos. Every satoshi and every micronero will be donated. (Intermediation is so annoying, and I kinda don’t believe in it. Decentralize all the things!)

Also, the story is pure fiction. The only real thing is the location. The Forward in Downtown Fallujah was a real place, once. I have nothing in common with the nfumbe in the story, tho. Quite the opposite.

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P.S. You are the ones you have been waiting for, y ahora llegó la hora.

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